Lexington Square Garage Sale

Ok, the 30th Annual Lexington Square Garage Sale is now in the books, and probably will be remembered as one of the rainiest. If we could only forecast the weather.

I did hear from some that they still did sell quite a bit and made pretty good money.

If you have any comments about your sale or ideas about the Lexington Square Annual Garage Sales, please let me know- see my contact info below.

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Lexington Square has been having annual garage sales since the development was new, except for one year- when we were having street work done. 

The annual garage sales are a great way for neighbors to sell the items they no longer need– from baby items and clothes, to household items, furniture, hobby items. Buyers come from all over for this annual occasion. I have even received emails from out-of-towners, wondering when the sale will be. This year, I received an email from people from Iowa.

If you have any questions, please call/text me at 651 253-5026 or LRawson@cbburnet.com

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